Sunday, August 15, 2010


To die or not to die...that is the question.

I am at a "jumping-off spot"(pun intended) of sorts in my life and I am overwhelmed. I do not know what path to choose.

This has nothing to do with the state of the world, but I have to rant. It has been a hard year (well, really 3 years) for me and I cannot handle my current path any longer. I have experienced some hits heart being broken (cliche, but true), failing in school, rough circumstances with both of my parents, my one friend here leaving town, and my financial aid being revoked for the fall semester. I am back at square one and don't know how to get to square two!

Should I beg and plead to get my financial aid? Should I take off out west and become a wwoofer (farmer)? Or should I finally give in to my fate and become a coke addicted stripper with three boyfriends??? Seriously folks (if there are any folks out there), I'm completely lost.

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