Monday, September 17, 2012

Women's Rights???

Women's liberation and the feminist movement helped women gain equality...or close to many areas. Women fought hard to be thought of as more than just wives and mothers and to have the right to make their own choices. My question is, have we taken it too far?

I woke up this morning thinking of Ben, as I do every day. I thought of how much I missed him and what my life would look like today if he were still alive. I know what it wouldn't look like. I wouldn't have to be taking spiders out of my apartment, putting together furniture for hours,or watching football games and trying to learn how to explain the rules to my future son. I wouldn't be making decisions about appliances on my own, going to prenatal appointments alone, or cooking for one. I wouldn't have to carry the heavy groceries into the house while seven months pregnant, take care of the dog by myself, or think about delivering our child without him. I wouldn't be worrying so much about raising a son as a single mother and trying to figure out how to be both nurturer and disciplinarian on my own. I wouldn't be spending nights alone.

I am not trying to have a pity party, but only making a point. I CAN do these things on my own. I am capable of learning all of the skills necessary to care for myself and my child. Do I want to do it all? Hell no! I believe that men and women are inherently different. We are comfortable filling certain roles and feel much less stressed when we have the masculine/ feminine balance in our lives. I was perfectly happy making dinner for Ben, doing his laundry, cleaning the house, and making love every day. I was so grateful that he could fix things around the house, start a fire, carry the heavy items, and shovel the driveway. Why is it such a bad thing to be "just" a wife and mother? Why have women become so masculine and feel they need to do it all?

I am absolutely grateful to the women who fought for our freedoms. The freedom to choose whether we want to be someone's wife or have children. Whether we want to go to work or stay home. I am just saying that there is nothing wrong with choosing to be a wife and mother...and loving every second of it. I would have. I just want every woman out there with a great man to be grateful that he is in your life, being a man, keeping you balanced.

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