Monday, July 26, 2010

Consumerism (an oldie, but a goodie)

I feel like vomiting. Spewing out my ignorance, my selfishness, and my greed. Why do we, as a human race, seem to have our heads completely in the sand? Why has capitalism taken such a strong hold over our minds, hearts, and (dare I say) souls? Can we be awakened? Is it too late?

I just finished watching the documentary, "The Corporation" and I feel completely lost. As I sit here hypocritically typing on my Compaq Presario computer, I can't help but think of all I could be doing that I'm not.Sure, I buy organic food, use cloth bags for my groceries, replaced my conventional bulbs with fluorescent, compost, and use all natural cleaning products...but is that enough? NO. We are in a crisis and small steps, as good intentioned as they are, will no longer suffice.

It's time to make giant leaps over nearly impossible canyons. Time to pull our small heads out of the sand and stand up for what's truly important. I look around my home and realize that I don't know how the majority of my products were actually made. Did a 14-year-old girl that was beaten daily for 17 cents per hour make my pants? What kinds of wastes were produced and dumped into the oceans to make all of my plastic products? How were the animals treated that gave of their dairy for my consumption?

We NEED to do something, but what? I, for one, am going to be more conscious every time I buy a new product. I'm going to read labels, write to and question companies, and shop locally as much as possible. Working towards self-sufficiency within communities is key at this time in our evolution.Please check out and educate yourself. We have to stay positive and know that the world can be healed.... First, we have to do something!

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