Sunday, August 1, 2010

Call It Education

Where is the sensuous within our education systems? Students today might as well be heads, detached from the body, floating from class to class! Where is the mind/ body connection in Western schools? How can we find a balance?

Throughout evolution, we have used our senses and intuition to guide us. We have learned through action- trial and error- and grown accordingly. This process seems to have disappeared in our current, technology-crazed society. We are so focused on mental intelligence that we all too easily abandon the senses. Then we turn to drugs and alcohol to turn off our minds and finally feel our bodies. There is a major disconnect.

I tend to absorb and retain knowledge best when acquired through the senses. While in school, however, I tend to be so "in my head" that my body needs to come close to a panic attack to remind me of its existence! I come home and read, think, read, write...and grow ever more anxious. I have to figure out a way to integrate my senses into my current learning experience or I will lose my shit.

Any suggestions?


  1. Meditate! I know, I'm on repeat. Be present in the now - strive to do it all the time! Listen to the sounds that are actually going on, really listen...Do you hear all the crickets and birds over the lawnmowers and traffic? Do you hear the clock ticking in the other room over the chaos in your brain? Breathe in the air, smell the freshness of that newly cut grass? Feel the gentle breeze or the texture of the cloth you are sitting on? Or even the breath as it moves in your nose, over your lips in your lungs, feel your ribs expand!? Look at things in new ways, take that sticky note label off things and re-examine them as if you're someone from a different land! Notice colors and details - everything - as if there are no words to describe it!

    That should get you started ;)

  2. What if you hate the present moment and can only think of the waste of oil and noise pollution when you smell freshly cut grass?

    Sorry, in a state today.

  3. Change your perception, you're the one that's creating the perspective. Or, think about nothing, clear your mind of all thoughts so you can have better clarity on the things that matter. This would be a good time for mindfullness medidtation (if you're interested I can e-mail you the process).