Saturday, November 13, 2010

Use What You've Got

An artist is locked in a white room and told to create a mural. He is given a limited number of supplies and colors with which to work. He normally works with the highest quality brushes and paints and in a pleasant environment. The artist has two basic choices:

A.) Use the tools provided and create the best design possible. Enjoy the process and be in the moment.


B.) Refuse to paint because of low-quality supplies. Create nothing of beauty and suffer psychologically.

Which choice would benefit the artist, and the world, more????


  1. A. Of course. And that is just what we all have to do in our lives. Make the best out of what we have at the moment. Life isn't easy at times but we can't give in!

  2. I agree. Have to look at what we've got instead of always waiting until circumstances are perfect...which they'll never be.