Thursday, November 5, 2015

Follow the yellow brick road

It has been a while since I have written. Don't mind the rustiness.

We (my son and I) have spent the last month and a half traveling throughout the Northeast down to NC. We have reunited with loved ones, visited multiple beautiful
spots, played, and laughed a lot. We are so fortunate to be able to pack up and take off at the spur of the moment. I know people are amazed at our "excellent adventure" and it is incredible. But honestly, we have done more over the last month and a half than we have over the last year and a half. Life was, to say the least, stressful and tiring. I had no time or energy for friends, adventures, or even eating much! It was definitely the worst time in my life.

Now I feel ready to step into my life fully once again. This will, however, require some serious discipline, healthier habits, and new thought patterns. I am going to New Hampshire to figure out who I am again and to give everyone a chance to get to know Benny. I need to figure out where to settle, where to go to school, how to be a single mom in this world, and how to be as healthy as I can be physically and emotionally. Benny needs this. I need this. Basically, I need to become a full grown adult human being!! we go. Off on another kind of adventure. Off to see the wizard and gain back the gifts that have always been inside of me. And get back my fucking heart too!

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