Saturday, January 23, 2016


It is time...

It is time to stop sitting in rooms of grey and grief.

It is time to dust myself off and walk out the door.

It is time to stop being restrained by memories of men who have passed my way and gripped my heart.

It is time to clear a new path through this ancient Forest. Where time is an illusion and the moss is waiting patiently on the rocks.

It is time to rise from the ashes of my ancestors and do better. Be more. Use their pain and struggle as fuel for my fire.

It is time to be mother. Lover of myself. Caretaker of this majestic Earth. Sister to those who have stayed by my side...through all.

It is time to dance as if my legs would perish tomorrow.

It is time to clean my house. My body. My temple.

It is time to finally ask for help.

It is not all in vain. It was never in vain. The pain that led me here...will set me free.

Let it rise. It is time.

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