Friday, May 6, 2016

Little House Blue

These walls have enveloped me. Kept me safe. Surrounded by trees and moon. Warmed by fire. Protected by some sort of other-worldly Magic.

The blue house she is called. My son named her that. Our car is blue heron. Blue is a fitting color for this place. I have grieved the loss of my beloved here while carrying out child within. Then grieved the loss of my second beloved. This home has been like a womb for me. Nurturing. Giving.

I have come here to heal and now it is time to say goodbye. Farewell to a great friend. And not only for me but for the many whose lives have been shaped and changed within these wooden walls. She is like the giving tree.

Narnia we all call it. There is something about being able to stroll to the Great Bay, come across a family of deer, and listen to the Owls throwing their masquerade...all in one evening.

I will love and miss her always. Goodbye little house blue. I hope you are treated with the same kindness you have shown us all over the years.

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